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Posted on 2010.04.11 at 11:53
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Thank you!


Waitress stories!

Posted on 2007.02.04 at 00:37
So I'm a waitress. I know, because I'm so good with people. Anyways, I am. I'm just good at pretending.

So tonight, I had this table of really weird, particular old people. They apparently thought that they were at some high class restaurant (I work at a BBQ restaurant in the South. Not very high class by any means.). Here's the weird things I remember:

-They wrapped napkins around the sauce bottles to hold them, I guess so they didn't have to touch anything that might be contaminated by us lower class establishments.

-The one old man spent five minutes telling me (in graphic detail) EXACTLY what his bread should look like, right down to the exact shade of golden brown it should be.

-The same guy ordered Diet Coke with a precise amount of Mr. Pibb in it. Weird.

-One of the ladies looked at me weird when I gave her butter and asked if we had real butter. Real butter? Is she kidding? I don't even have real butter at home.

-One of them asked if we cooked our hamburgers on tin foil so they didn't touch the grill.

It just made me wonder why one earth they'd go to a barbeque restaurant and expect all of this?? I'm fairly sure it wasn't their first time there either.

Unsuccessfully Trying to Sleep...

Posted on 2007.02.02 at 23:05
People in college are idiots. I'm convinced. Namely, people who decide to drive around campus and by the dorms BLOWING THEIR FUCKING HORN in the middle of the night. I know, it's Friday night, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has to get up in the morning for work. Out of the hundreds of bedrooms they're driving by honking to each other like idiots, I'm pretty sure there are quite a few people trying to sleep who are waking up cursing.

When you know you're driving past places where people sleep and it's nighttime, please try to not act like a complete fucking idiot and play "let's honk our car horns at each other to the tune of songs!".

My Idiot Teacher

Posted on 2007.02.01 at 23:37
I have this teacher who is a complete idiot. I've had plenty of idiot teachers in my 16 years of schooling, but this guy wins by a longshot. Here's why he's an idiot:

-He's a college professor, yet cannot enter grades correctly. Every class I've had with him he has totally fucked up my final grade. Of course this could also be because I've heard that he gives girls lower grades because he thinks they aren't as good as men when it comes to technology.

-Speaking of technology, he's an AUDIO teacher, yet the other day in class, he was completely baffled as to how to plug his laptop into the classroom speakers.

-He gets really angry when he tells us stuff and we don't act all excited. No one really cares. It's class, we're all half asleep and thinking about what we're going to eat for lunch. So he throws fits saying stuff like "Well, fine, I figured you guys would be interested, but I guess not and if you guys don't care, I'll just stop telling you" and gets all mad. It's so rediculous.

-He's is the most un-funny man on earth. Serously. You know those people that are SO not funny that you can't even PRETEND to laugh just to be nice?? This is him. The whole class just looks at each other when he says something stupid that he thinks is funny. No one can even sympathy laugh at the man.

-He gave me a C in an ONLINE class that I took. Which means that I did all the work online, where it gave me my scores on everything right away. So I know I got an A. Somehow, he gave me a C. Now he refuses to talk to me about it and won't answer my emails.

-The man is my academic advisor. I'd be better going to the middle school down the road and picking out a random 5th grader to advise me on my college schedule. Freshman year, I did not know how much he would screw me over, so I went to him for "academic advisement". I ended up having to take extra classes later to make up for ones that he told me I didn't need and I withdrew from.

-I had him for a public speaking class. There were a lot of jocks in that class as well. They never showed up because they had games or whatever, and they never had to make up their speeches that they didn't do, but they miraculously received A's. I did all my speeches, did them well and on time, and got a low B.

So I have this man for TWO classes this semester. By the time I got out of the first class I had with him of the semester, I already wanted to kill him or myself. I didn't think it was possible for any person to get on my nerves like this man does.